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Since I didn’t want to clog the tags too much, here the LINKto the introduction of this list. It will explain the rest of the text a tad bit better.

Anyway, The Fic Rec contains 150+ bandom fanfictions, which were read within the course of two months. Most of them are Panic!—specifically, Ryan/Brendon and Jon/Spencer. There are some Fall Out Boy ones, featuring Pete/Patrick, too. The description goes like this: Title | Author | Pairing | Summary | My comments.

I am hoping that the new “generation” of bandom fans will enjoy this. Since I obviously do not have any followers—due to me reviving one of my old, deleted blogs—reblogging is appreciated. You know, spreading The List around? It’s for the greater good! I spent a lot of time on this! (No, seriously, I spent so much time on this. The list is, like, perfectly organized, if I do say so, m’self.)

And I’m sorry for clogging up your tags. Really, I am. I feel awkward and out of place halp and I know I’m making a big deal out of a stupid fic rec BUT LET ME HAVE MY MOMENT OKAY IS IT BAD THAT I’M ACTUALLY KIND OF NERVOUS.

So, yeah. Here we go. Enjoy, all! Farewell, for good! (Actually, I lied. I might be back, because I just discovered some new fics I’d like to read. So, I’ll keep ya posted. Maybe I’ll make this into a Fic Review blog. W h a t  i f.)

P. S I will include some GIFs to express my feelings, because I miss using them.


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Monsters à

NEW! I Love You to Death and Beyond | boysinterrupted | Ryan/Brendon | I heard “Living Dead Girl” on the radio on the way home, and contemplated zombie fic. Ryan gets turned into a zombie, but Brendon can’t let him go! He loves Ryan so much he keeps him chained up in the basement or something. Ryan just wants to eat Brendon’s brains. | Ah! Awesome! Zombies! The ending was actually cute.

NEW! Every Speck of Dust Illuminated | chaticallyclev | Ryan/Brendon + Jon/Spencer + Z/Tennessee | “Z Berg.” Brendon pauses dramatically for effect. “Is a witch.” Jon drags a spoon through the foam to draw a four leaf clover, complete with stem. Brendon admires it for a second. “Brendon,” Jon sighs. “I know you don’t like that Ryan is spending so much time with her, but you don’t get to go around saying shit about people.” Spine stiffening, Brendon responds as levelly as he can manage, “This has nothing to do with Ryan. Well, besides the fact that he’s hanging out with a witch.”| I liked this! I thought it had more telling than showing which made the story-telling a bit awkward and got rid of the atmosphere, but still fun!

Ballad of the Lost Romantics | chionophobia | Ryan/Brendon | AU. Ryan didn’t exactly plan on being chased down the streets of Vegas by a gang one late night. He didn’t count on being kidnapped either. Much less by someone who claims to be Ryan’s friend and protector, despite the two of them never having met before. And one thing’s for certain in Ryan’s bad luck; nothing is what it seems. | Okay, so, this fic disappointed me so much. The concept was a good idea, though, so that is why it’s listed. You might like it if you’re into really luvvyduvvy, light stuff. I was expecting something mafia-like with passion and angst and angels and awesomeness, but yeah. Nope. The ending is really, really random.


NEW! Song of the Sea | fizzickz | Ryan/Brendon | The wind tears at Ryan’s hair, the rain soaking through his hoodie and stinging his eyes | Logical mermaid!fic.


Ace of Spades | gasmsinc | Ryan/ Brendon | Ryan Ross has dodged death too many times, and when he does die he’s given another chance: go back to Earth and make someone fall in love with him in less then a month. Only problem is… he has to make a straight boy fall in love with him. | The ending made me go, “…Okay. K” but I liked the idea, I guess. I think more could have been done, though, plus some chapters near the end are privated. Also, the author must have an extreme hate for Audrey Kitching or something. Plus, angel!Spencer. (Why are angel fics so disappointing?! Gah!)


Vampire Hunting is the World’s Oldest Profession (And I, Dear Madame, Am A Professional)| jen-jm | Gabe/William + Pete/Patrick + Brendon/Ryan + Jon/Spencer + manymanymanyMANY more. | “In his late years, Gabe Saporta had come to consider himself a peaceful, harmless, even funny vampire. He rarely killed anyone, when he fed he always left his victims where they could be easily found and rescued, and sure thing he never wanted to be part of any clan ever again.” But his plans are ruined when he gets caught by a vampire hunters clan led by Pete Wentz, and things take an interesting path when William Beckett, a young hunter, becomes his jailer. Meanwhile Ryan Ross gets kidnapped by someone they didn’t expect to see again, and the clan has to find him before it’s too late. | This is more TAI/Cobra fandom-y rather than Panic!, but I have a thing for long fics with a million pairings. It gives you a warm feeling, okay.


Insanity | melodywho | Ryan/Brendon | Brendon and his twin sister were sent to Burchowitz Asylum for the Mentally Insane when they were just 12 years old. | The story is actually about Ryan discovering Brendon’s ghost 39418434204 years later, so the summary is a tad deceiving. This is totally one of those self-indulgent fics: where the writing isn’t super, but you keep reading because you enjoy the plot even though you maybe shouldn’t and your OTP is being ‘shipped to the max.


If The Moon’s A Balloon | oddishly | Ryan/Brendon + Jon/Spencer | In which Brendon is an unconventional Christmas tree fairy and Jon is altogether too interfering. | Yes! I loved this! Although holiday themes like this may be a tad bit cliché, that’s what makes it fantastic. I think some details could have been explained better, though.


Crawling Vines | panic_smile | Ryan/Brendon | AU Ryan’s a teenage kid who walks around town at night, and gets sucked into the world of a ghost, called Brendon Urie. | This is like a classic horror story, with a haunted house and everything! It’s so beautiful and my favourite ghost!fic, ever.


Dead Air| restlesslikeme | Jon/Spencer + Ryan/Brendon | When a devastating disease wipes out nearly half of the U.S. population, and destroys the other half beyond human recognition, only a small percentage of survivors are left to cope with the aftermath. One of these survivors is Spencer Smith. With help from his cocky but well meaning neighbor, the man who saved his life, and his best friend’s boyfriend, Spencer must travel across the barren wasteland that was once Nevada in order to rescue his best friend, Ryan Ross, who was separated from them when the epidemic hit. During the journey, they learn about a radio station, and the hope that it has been spreading across the fragmented remains of their nation. Will it be enough to keep a group of near strangers together in the face of unmitigated terror? Or is the end closer than they think? | This was so well-written, seriously. I really enjoyed it because zombies. Also because I couldn’t stop reading it due to its awesomeness.


For Whatever You Lose| scoradh |Ryan/Brendon | You can’t always get what you want - unless you fish it out of the ocean.| Jon and Brendon are mermaids! (Also, there might be Joncer in this; I forget.)


Sometimes You’re Already There| skoosiepants | Jon/Spencer + Ryan/Brendon + Pete/Patrick | Spencer has always been very practical. The problem is, there’s his real life, and then there’s Ryan.| This is kind of confusing, TBH, but I lovelovelove supernatural/paranormal stories (more than angst-y/pretentious ones and high school!AUs!), and I used to be a Ghost Whisperer fan, so there. Also, the Pete/Patrick parts, MY HEART. That scene MADE the entire story.


Romance in Horror | SophiaSucks | Ryan/Brendon | Ryan Ross moves into an allegedly haunted house with his dad, his dad’s girlfriend and her son, after the death of his mother. While dealing with his personal drama, he also tries to solve the murder of an unnaturally alluring ghost named Brendon. | This is like a murder mystery/classic horror story, YES. The dialogue is really snappy and clever, in some parts, and then all philosophical and pretentious in others and it’s pretty great. (This is the only Mibba fic here, so don’t worry.)


Paranormal Activity Detectives| spazzyskittles + ivesia19 | Ryan/Brendon | Each year, Paranormal Activity Detectives, a group of young investigators led by Ryan Ross, receives hundreds of calls reporting supernatural occurrences, only responding to the most severe. This is one of those cases. | Gabe is a ghost! There are demons! And sexual tension!


Love in Bloom| stfu_pwentzz | Ryan/Brendon | Ryan Ross is a normal boy who struggles with his past. Can one rose seller at the side of the road help Ryan remember the past while still living in the present? | Fucking ghost fics, man. TBH, I wanted something more from this fic, but it was still all right. If had been in the right mood, I probably would have sobbed.


The Taste of Red | sunday_porch | Ryan/Brendon | It would seem absurdly ordinary, Ryan waking up next to another body like this, except for the fact that Brendon’s not breathing. | Uh, so, I’m not a huge fan of vampire fics. This was okay.


Home is Where the Heart Is| vegasskylines | Ryan/Brendon + Pete/Patrick | Every year, an elf is sent down to every city to help raise Christmas spirit. This year, Brendon Urie was assigned to Las Vegas, Nevada. More importantly: Ryan Ross. Now Brendon’s career and elf life is at stake unless he can get Ryan to believe in Christmas again. But what if Ryan ends up changing Brendon’s beliefs instead? This is their story. | Ahh, oh my guh! This is seriously so cute! Brendon is really innocent and childish, yet sexual enough so that his encounters with Ryan aren’t weird. The author overdoes exclamation marks, but overall, it’s an adorable Christmas fic.


Fantasy/Fairy Tales à

The Remarkable Misfortunes of Ryan Ross | alwaystheindian | Brendon/Ryan | Brendon is a prince who has an evil twin. Ryan is the son of a farmer. When, one day, Ryan finds himself at the service of Brendon and his vicious twin brother… adventure ensues. This story is more than just a misguided romance. It is an action/adventure novel, with twists, turns, zany characters, symbolism, and a running story theme of self discovery. | This was real, solid work; I had things to love, to hate, to compliment, to criticize. The author was fantastic at character development. I loved to see Brendon and Ryan interact. Although Brent’s character was fairly archetypal and 2D, he was one of the most villainous characters I’ve ever read about. The dog scene made me sob. I don’t know if that’s pathetic, on my part. Most fanfictions satisfy me with cuteness and drama—very seldom with plot and intricate characters. I did find Ryan’s continuous misfortunes to get rather repetitive, though. I didn’t expect to like this fic, this much, at all. I can’t believe it actually inspired a comment this long, haha. (Although, this could be due to that fact that I am writing this immediately after reading it, whilst the other fics have been reviewed days, weeks, months, years after being read, depending on when I read them.)


Footsteps in the Snow | arctic_grey | Ryan/Brendon | Fantasy AU. In Brendon’s world, all men are missing their halves and are doomed never to find them. But, one day, Brendon hears a voice in his head, and it is not his own. | I really liked this, because it wasn’t all SuperHappyFunTime; there was more dept to it than a typical fantasy AU. The ending was actually perfect.


Fae Attraction | cest_what | Ryan/Brendon | Urban fantasy AU. If they hadn’t been fighting, Ryan wouldn’t have walked into the group of fae. | Awawaw.


Snow Falling Like Stars | damnyouwentz | Ryan/Brendon | A Panic! fairytale. | This nailed the whole “fairytale” thing. (I’m unsure if it is based on a previously existing one.) I definitely suggest that you read this!


Diamond in the Rough | fablesandhearts | Ryan/Brendon + Jon/Spencer | Brendon needs some help getting the boy. A Genie is just the way. | Just the fact that this exists… Ohmygod. I laughed SO HARD. Ryland is the parrot and Jon is the monkey and Spencer is the tiger, just. Oh my GOD. Also, I enjoyed picturing Ryan in see-through red pants. The ending is so cute.


Flicker | fatal_overdose | Ryan/Brendon + Jon/Spencer | "Oh, right! Pixie dust. Right, I always forget that part.” Spin off of a Peter Pan AU. | I had low expectations, but this was really quite good! Pete is Peter Pan!

NEW! Everything Not Forbidden is Compulsory | fizzickz | Ryan/Brendon + Jon/Spencer + Pete/Patrick |
Ryan is seven when he meets Brendon Urie. | Robin Hood AU, yES.


Poets Come to Life | flash-indie | Ryan/Brendon | (No summary, this is me making things up.) Pinocchio-like. Ryan, a doll created by the agoraphobic Pete Wentz, is brought to life by a fairy. He can become a “real boy” once he learns how to love. He meets Brendon and goes to Vegas to learn how to love. | This is basically a modern-day fairy tale. It’s great, really.


Moving to New York| gasmsinc | Brendon/Ryan | When it first happens Ryan manages to pull the string from his lips. It’s a bloody mess and everyone thinks everything is going to be okay but then the string jumps up and wiggles its way back into the open wounds, pulls a little tighter until Ryan can’t breathe properly, until someone is always monitoring him to make sure that they can force air into his lungs through his nose. | This has nothing to do with moving to New York. It’s about sorcery and true laaav!


NEW! Heart and Tender | goldinvein | Brendon/Ryan | (Sub)urban fantasy, wherein Brendon Urie finds love and loses hearts. Heart-dealing… Brendon recognizes the term, but in the same vague way that he recognizes the Mafia while really only knowing that it’s something he doesn’t want to mess with and involves people in suits. The term obviously doesn’t mean actual, physical hearts, since the jar looks to be just a wisp of cloudy shine. It’s more like the ability to love and hate and feel strongly about anything, all bottled in one jar and stolen out of someone. It’s shady shit. | This had so much potential, but was very disappointing. I felt like this fic just didn’t know what it wanted to be. It kept going on and on, and there was very little character and plot development. The only reason it is on here is because I need an award for reading 70+ K of this, okay.

Dance Upon the Waves | ignipes | Ryan/Brendon | Brendon swears this is the last time he’s going to take treasure-hunting advice from a giant turtle.| This was perfect, oh my goodness. I love fics with EVERYONE from bandom in them. Especially when they have little references to IRL!bandom. (For instance, Panic!’s boat being called the Pretty Odd. I snorted.) I’d just like to say that it seems as if Cobra Starship are the villains in every adventure fic (in dramatic fics, it’s always Brandon Flowers). I’m not complaining. It fits. Anyway, this fic is awesome and you should read it. Ryan is the captain! Brendon can talk to animals! There are zombies! And treasure! And booby traps! And romantic tension! It’s great!

  • NEW! [Untitled?] | ignipes | Jon/Spencer + Brendon/Ryan | One year later. | THERE’S A SEQUAL OH YES PRAISE ALLAH.

Big Girls Don’t Cry | impertinence | Ryan/Brendon | Fairy Princess Ryan is lonely. He never expects a stranger on the road to wind up being the one imperfect person who can change that. | I don’t… I… um… All right. I liked it.


NEW! Behind the Curtain | incendiarywits | Ryan/Brendon| Panic! in the Wizard of Oz. | This was hilarious and wonderful.


Yo Ho Ho | iphignia939 | Pete/Patrick | The secret origins of the Wentz family. "That," Patrick said, a little uneasily, "looks like a goddamned ghost ship, Pete." | This is kind of a Pirates of the Caribbean crossover. Which is cool.


Summer Haunts | littlerhymes | Ryan/Brendon | What if there was a time summer went on forever? | This was an eerie concept that was carefully conveyed so that the story felt welcoming, as opposed to as creepy as it could have been. This was very ominous and well done.


All to Catch a Thief | marksykins | Ryan/Brendon | Brendon’s life is comatose until someone breaks into every house in town except his. A fairy tale about criminals. | I was expecting something a little more exciting, but I still digged it.


Whatever Happened to the Green Fairies? | midnatstimen | Ryan/Brendon | [No summary, so I will make up my own.] Ryan is a prince. Brendon is an outlawed peasant. Ryan takes Brendon under his wing, and the two fall for each other, ignoring their class differences. But trouble arises when Ryan is expected to marry a princess from the neighboring country. | To be honest, I found this kind of boring, but I couldn’t stop reading. The relationship between Brendon and Ryan would make me roll my eyes and immediately stop reading, had this been any other fanfiction—for some reason, the hopelessly-in-love thing worked. The whole time, I was thinking, What the fuck does this have to do with green fairies? And then I got to the end, and… oh. Just oh.


Brendon and the Beast | morbid_rae | Ryan/Brendon | Beauty and the Beast AU. | Uhm. So. The writing isn’t the best, but it’s a Beauty and the Beast AU, so you can kind of forgive that. I found the crossdressing rather distracting, though; I guess it’s just the way it was introduced that made it so.


The Man with the Sunflowers | panic_smile | Ryan/Brendon | Ryan’s normal but the rest of the world isn’t. He meets a guy called Brendon who’s entirely too content with a life of plants for Ryan’s liking. A tale about not everything needing a reason, and about sunflowers. | This author’s writing always makes me sob. This is such a unique idea


Secret Lines (And Bound So Tight) | quarterandakiss | Ryan/Brendon | Ryan is wealthy, bored, and prone to landing himself in the gossip pages; his former friend Brendon is an inventor who’s facing a scandal of his own. When their families lose patience, they arrange for Ryan and Brendon to be married. To make matters worse, Brendon is in grave danger - or so says their friend Pete, who’s been having terrifyingly prophetic dreams that echo the strange nightmares Ryan’s been having with ever-increasing frequency. | This was really good! There aren’t enough good Ryan/Brendon arranged marriages.


He Watches the Ships That Come Sailing | savvygambols | Ryan/Brendon | Ryan the Reckless was the most frightening pirate of all the seas. (He wasn’t really. People feared him to his face but behind his back made flailing motions and spoke in high-pitched tones over how adorable he was. Even the men.)| Hooray for pirate!AUs! I liked the ending.


Vanity | sateenmusta | Ryan/Brendon + Jac Vanek/Audrey Kitching + Alex DeLeon/Hayley Williams +William Beckett/Maja Ivarsson + Pete Wentz /Patrick Stump | Waking up when it’s not dark isn’t that bad. Waking up to an odd world where time doesn’t exist and the real world is painstakingly close but still so far, well, that’s another matter… [AU] | Major props to this author. After reading this, I found myself looking into mirrors and wondering if people were on the other side. Additionally, I also thought, Oh my god, do I look into the mirror too much? AM I VAIN? Also, Zac Efron is in this and it’s hilarious. Do read!


NEW! So Apparently I’m Going to Hell | silver-etoile | Ryan/Brendon | Brendon has died, and gone to hell. Literally. Too bad he doesn’t know why. Crack-ish!fic. | I was hoping this wouldn’t be TOO crack-y. But, yeah, it was.


Starlight, Starbright | softlyforgotten | (No summary) Based on Stardust. Ryan goes to find a fallen star to woo his true love, Pete Wentz. He didn’t except the “fallen star” to be an admittedly hot guy, called Brendon Urie. | This is so cute! I’ve been hunting for a Stardust crossover and this is great!


Thorton Hill Series | softlyforgotten | Ryan/Brendon | Brendon Urie is lonely, Spencer Smith and Jon Walker are bored, and life in Thornton Hill seems like it’s never going to be anything but mundane. Then a mysterious stranger sets up shop on Main Street, and suddenly everything is a little more magical. (AU.) | THIS FUCKING FIC MADE ME SOB LIKE A BABY. NO. SHAME. It was so perfect. I wanted to travel to magical lands with Panic! At the Disco, keysmash. I loved how the characters all came together and eventually became bestest friends. This fic made me feel cozy and warm inside. I don’t even know what to say. Just. Read it.


Attack of the Blue Flu or How Ryan Helped Brendon Save Christmas | spazzyskittles | Ryan/Brendon | Santa Claus sends Brendon on a mission to spread Christmas cheer. | Not gonna lie, I love holiday fics. This was very cute.


Measured Time (Three to the Left, Four to the Right) | talkinmaths | Ryan/Brendon | Patrick helpfully pushes Brendon towards the ladder, too. “If I push you backwards as I’d like to do,” Patrick explains cheerfully, “Then you’d drag him with you, and I don’t need any struggle, so, if you would.” Brendon climbs the ladder behind Ryan reluctantly, and Ryan would give all his father’s estate to bet that he was already making plans to save him. Or, well, both of them, but mainly Ryan. | Yesss, piratessss. I liked it.


NEW! What Would Faust Do? | two-waymirror | Ryan/Brendon + Jon/Spencer | A heart-warming tale of one guitarist’s struggle to regain his soul from the Devil. | Perf. Of course Pete’s the Devil.


NEW! Candyboy | wayincognito | There is an urban legend about how a boy can get the most spectacular and orgasmic kiss of his life, if he dares to try it. | This was amusingly, hilariously sweet. See what I did there. Huhhuhhuh. I have no idea what category to put this in, oh lord.


Round and Round the Garden | writingblind | Ryan/Brendon | Spencer Smith is in for a very enlightening, but boring summer when he switches places with his favourite childhood toy. For the little brown teddy bear called George, however, this summer is going to be an unforgettable adventure. | So, I’m pretty sure the summary says it all. Ryan is a teddy bear! And he’s brought to life as human! And falls for Brendon! EEEE!


Miscellaneous Romance/Drama à

Ryan Ross: Wedding Planner (What We Do Is Love) | adellyna | Ryan/Brendon + Jon/Spencer | Ryan plans weddings! Just not gay weddings. Ok, maybe just this once. | The title makes you think this story is just a bunch of cracky nonsense, but it is not. This is actually a really adorable fic with character development!


Scenes From An Italian Love Story | alphabetatoast | Ryan/Brendon | AU. Brendon has always loved Italy - a country rich in mystery, culture and the unexplainable. He’s never believed in fate, but after a chance meeting Brendon just can’t keep away from the mysterious, beautiful man who seems to complete the picture. | This was really fluffy in a maybe not-so-good way. I loved the setting and the writing, though.


NEW! Compine D’un Autre Ete | barelyxxjoyous | Ryan/Brendon | In his mind, Ryan felt like he was in a foreign film a lot of the time. | Incidentally, I love this song. This was beautifully written.


The Clock On The Wall Has Been Stuck For Days | battie-hattie | Ryan/Brendon | Ryan Ross is a college student working at a women’s clothing store. He lives with his roommate, Spencer Smith, another college student who works at a call center. One night, he has the mischance of falling, right into one Brendon Urie, a hairstylist from across the quad. Along with their mutual friend, Jon Walker from the card shop, a story of love ensues. | Let me just say, I want Spencer to be my best friend. I’m not going to complain about Ryan and Brendon’s respective back stories (alcoholic dad, overly religious parents) being overused (because I literally can make that complaint about every single Panic! fic in this universe), but rather say that it was cool, ‘cause it wasn’t really an in-your-face kind of thing. So, this was cute. Yeah. /Sucks at reviews.


The Elliot Code of Honour | cest_what + softlyforgotten | Ryan/Brendon + Z/Tennessee | Masquerades, double identities, cross-dressing, feuds, duels and pining. (A regency AU.) | This was delightful! I preferred the writing of whichever author wrote the first part; the dialogue fit the time period and the writing style worked well for this story. Everyone should read this fic. You’ll love it. 


Grace| flash_indie | Brendon/Ryan | (Again, no summary.) | Brendon is a famous actor and Ryan writes a play. Their paths cross. Angst and romance ensues. | THIS IS MY FAVOURITE FIC, EVER. The characters are so intricate and they each have a personality, even the secondary characters. It’s so real. No one is good and no one is bad and Brendon’s fucking sister. And just, the writing. Please, please read!

Falling Like This | fictionalaspect | Ryan/Brendon | So, Brendon Urie is madly in love with a boy from the candy shop. The boy from the candy shop. There’s only one. “I bet he’s sweet,” Pete cracks, and Brendon rolls his eyes and groans. | So, again, I’m not a fluff person. But this works.

Fight Club | hapakitsune | Ryan/Brendon | Brendon is fighting for something. Ryan is curious as to what. | There are 3492490234 Fight Club Aus out there. I chose to read this one, for no reason. And I loved it! It was short and completely sweet.


NEW! The Word of Your Body | heavyhart | Ryan/Brendon | Ryan writes on Brendon’s skin. | Ugh, this was hot.


NEW! You’ve Only Begun to Shine | heavyhart | Brendon/Ryan | And throws stones at your window at 4 in the morning / Well maybe he thinks it’s romantic / He’s crazy, but you knew that before. | SO. MUCH. FLUFF.

NEW! The Best Laid Plans | iamtheenemy | Ryan/Brendon | Brendon had a three-step plan to make Ryan Ross fall in love with him. He didn’t write it down or anything (and if he did, the tiny, shredded pieces of paper were scattered across some highway between Wisconsin and Indiana, so no one could prove it), but it was a very specific plan. | Aw, this was funny.


NEW! Lines in the Sand | iamtheenemy | Ryan/Brendon + Jon/Spencer | “Hey,” the Sultan grinned, stretching out a hand that Ryan shook. “Nice to meet you.” He eyed Ryan’s boots, jeans, jean jacket and bandana uncertainly. “Are you in costume?” A University of Illinois AU. | Cute and hilarious, plus kind of holiday-themes!


NEW! Perilous | inamorate | Ryan/Brendon | [No summary.] The boys meet on a bus. | Ahh, I can’t remember much about this one! Bah.


The Happy Ending’s Just Beginning | Jacqui_hw | Ryan/Brendon + Jon/Spencer + Pete/Patrick | The Disneyland parade has evolved into an all-singing, all-dancing extravaganza and Brendon wants to be part of it. Unfortunately there aren’t a lot of opportunities for the guy who sells knick-knacks by the park gates. Enter Ryan, the parade’s current star attraction, who might just have a plan to get Brendon everything he always wanted. | This could be some kind of weird sit-com, oh my god. There are different stories going on with all the boys, at the same time. It’s great. Also, picturing Ryan as Prince Phillip… oh, dear lord.

Love, Love, Love | jezzabe | girl!Brendon/girl!Ryan, Spencer/Jon, Pete/Patrick, various others | Bren really can’t be gay. She’s a cheerleader! So she doesn’t know what she’s doing at this silly camp for homosexuals. | I liked this. That’s all I have to say. Yep.

NEW! All A Part of Me | ladydeathangel | Ryan/Brendon + Jon/Spencer | Ryan and Brendon, the things they know, and the things they figure out in the nick of time. | I couldn’t really tell where this fic was trying to go… But yay for Halloween.

Strange and Beautiful | lemon-writes | Ryan/Brendon | [No summary.] Brendon runs away from home and meets Jon, Spencer, and the attractive Ryan. | This was a tad choppy, but I liked it. The ending was perfect. 

NEW! Two of Cups | mokuyoubi | Ryan/Brendon + Jon/Spencer | The circus is coming to town. |  Cirucs!AU! Woo! I seriously loved everyone in this. Note: if you’re going to make Brendon have ridiculous religious angst… do it like this. That is all.


NEW! You Picked Me | pleurantnoir | Ryan/Brendon | Brendon and Ryan have been together for almost a year, come the winter, and Ryan has yet to meet Brendon’s family. Brendon takes him to his family’s apple farm in Northern California for Thanksgiving break from UNLV. | This was so domestic and mushy that it made me cringe.

Your Heart’s a Muscle and That’s All | plunginxbaby | Ryan/Brendon | He was sick of this cabin and of this fucking glass prison. He was sick of Ryan’s nitpicking and of his insensitivity. And most of all, Brendon was sick of singing the bull-shit love songs that Ryan had written about someone who wasn’t him. | Usually I dislike cabin!fics, but voila, one I didn’t dislike.


The Science of Selling Yourself Short | repulsive_x  | Jon/Spencer | In which Jon is Brent’s hot, older brother, and unknowingly takes Spencer’s virginity. | I’m not even a Joncer fan, but this is such a fanfiction!cliche (I mean that in a good way, really!) which makes it 134834278% more enjoyable.


It’s Written On The Wind (It’s Everywhere I Go) | silsuffisait | Ryan/Brendon + Jon/Spencer | Beatles/PATD crossover-AU. It’s the Spring of 1967, and the last thing Abbey Road intern Ryan Ross expects, or even wants, is to become instantly attracted to a guy – let alone a session musician named Brendon with a bad habit of not knowing when to give up. It would be a very, very bad idea, and Ryan’s determined to avoid it (and him) at all costs. A tale of scarves, Carnaby Street, music, and falling into something rivaling a Burt Bacharach Standard. | So, this fic would make Ryan Ross automatically orgasm or something, because it involves Ryden and The Beatles.


Euro-Almost-Trip | silver_etoile | Ryan/Brendon + Jon/Spencer | Brendon wants a true college experience! And that just happens to include meeting a mysterious boy on the train… | This is here because of British!Ryan.


Somewheresville | silver_etoile | Ryan/Brendon + Jon/Spencer + Frank/Gerard + Pete/Patrick | When Ryan hopped the train to nowhere, he didn’t expect to meet someone who would change his whole life. Now, if only he could figure out what was going on. | Ryan, you oblivious fool! This felt like one of those romance movies with a bunch of stories going on at the same time. It was wonderfully adorable.


You Might Say It’s Self-Destructive | sixthseatdiary | Ryan/Brendon + Spencer/Jon | Brendon and Ryan recently started dating. Jon, meanwhile, wishes to get back at Brendon for their previous truth-or-dare game gone wrong. Brendon’s new dare? Commit the seven deadly sins within two weeks in the presence of his new boyfriend. The penalty if left unfinished? Breaking up with the incredibly attractive Ryan Ross. | This may or may not be based on a movie, but if it isn’t, this is one of the most original fanfictions I’ve ever read. It was cute and made me cringe because THE DARES. Major props to the author!    


Clarity | spazzyskittles | Ryan/Brendon | Feeling bored and confused about life, Brendon goes to New York. He meets an insightful artist who helps him break out of his shell. | I liked this because, WHAT IF THIS HAPPENED TO YOU, OKAY. For some weird reason people want a romance like the people in The Notebook (I mean, rEALLY, now), but I want a romance like this, okay, thank you very much goodnight ladies and gentlemen bye.

Drowning in Saltwater | spazzyskittles | Ryan/Brendon | Ryan is an aspiring writer with a dark secret that has caused him to close himself off from the rest of the world. One day, he finds inspiration at the beach. | I really don’t like first person narration unless it’s done super well, but I could see why it was necessary in this fic. This was really well-done, though.


I Don’t Have a Library Card, But I’d Love to Check You Out | spazzyskittles | Ryan/Brendon | AU college. Brendon is close to flunking out of college, and his roommate and partner in crime, Jon, is not helping. He seeks refuge in the school’s library and finds a little more than a place to study. This is a story about finding love, taking chances, and being true to one’s self. | Solely from the title, I thought this would be a mindless smut in which Ryan and Brendon engage in kinky sex against a library shelf. I was wrong. This made me melt and cringe, because boys. It was really quite cute and worth a read!


Somebody | spazzyskittles | Ryan/Brendon | Brendon goes to the movies by himself when he brushes shoulders with a boy whose eyes take his breath away. | I thought this was cute, even if Brendon and Ryan moved kind of fast.

Sushi For Beginners | spazzyskittles | Ryan/Brendon + Jon/Spencer | Ryan hates sushi, and Spencer couldn’t care less. | My two favourite things: Sushi and Ryden. Unf.


NEW! Capital Letters Make Things More Official  | stayxwithme394 | Carnival AU. | This was super overly dramatic. And that’s coming from me, okay. Other than that, ‘twas cute. Yep. Alrighty. I need to stop writing reviews.


Get Off My Lawn! | stfu_pwentzz | Ryan/Brendon | Ryan Ross promises never to be a cranky old man when he grows old. Well, he lied. | Ryan Ross as an old, domesticated man… Oh, god.


To A Man’s Heart | sunday_porch | Brendon/Ryan (Jon/Joe, Spencer/Patrick) | Desperate to escape an arranged marriage, Charleston belle Ryan Ross heads to Denver and takes his chances as a mail-order bride. When he arrives, he discovers that handsome rancher Brendon Urie has absolutely no desire to marry—until Ryan charms him with his sweet nature and even sweeter kisses. | I couldn’t take this seriously. At all. But I still enjoyed it.


Night Be Dark for All of Me | turps33 |Brendon gen but Ryden-y near the end| Brendon likes wearing dresses. That’s okay, right?| SQUEE. It’s heartbreaking and sweet.


Strictly Business| zarah5 | Ryan/Brendon | Cruel Intentions meets Romeo & Juliet meets the summary of a Mills & Boon novel. Consider yourself suitably warned and be prepared to suspend your disbelief. | I remember reading half of this, giving up, then reading the other half a few months later. So, I seriously need to reread this to give a better comment. The plot is A+ and there’s a lot of drama and the ending it cute.


Dress You Up in My Love | witheveryspark | Jon/Spencer + Ryan/Brendon + Spencer/Brendon | An AU based on the movie 27 Dresses. Spencer has been a groomsman at twenty-seven weddings, and one weekend when he’s pulling double duty, attending two weddings at once, he meets Jon, a reporter, who Spencer thinks is a jackass. Spencer’s best friend, Ryan, comes to visit, quickly falling in love and getting engaged to Spencer’s boss, Brendon, who Spencer happens to be in love with. Naturally, Spencer gets stuck planning their wedding and has to deal with Jon, who’s writing a column about Brendon and Ryan’s engagement. Thankfully he has a sassy friend named Greta to help him deal with all of this. | I had so many feelings about this and I don’t know why. I loved Jon. I despised Ryan. I kind of ‘shipped the Brencer, which is messed up. The Jon and Spencer interactions made me feel warm and fuzzy inside, and I’m not even a super Joncer ‘shipper. But this story made me ‘ship Joncer. It made me ‘ship it. Hard. What. Why am I allowed Internet access.


High School AUà

Years Before Important | jessobsess | Ryan/Brendon |   The smaller kid, with black hair curling a little around his ears and a purple hoodie about four sizes too big, tilts his head to the side, looking a little confused, then brightens and says, “Not really! I think talking is pretty fun!” Kid!fic, then high school!fic. | This was really cute.


In Your Eyes, Beauty Be Found | lady_ deathangel | Ryan/Brendon + Jon/Spencer + Audrey/Sarah | Sixteen-year-old Brendon Urie has just been uprooted from everything he knows and sent to Bishop Gorman High School in an attempt to remove him from the bad influences at his public school.  Seventeen-year-old Ryan Ross is a senior with no real idea of what he wants to do with his life other than get the hell out of Las Vegas.  The two have nothing in common but when Ryan accidentally stumbles upon Brendon’s most shameful secret, one that could ruin his life forever, they’re inextricably drawn together and they have to make a decision: fight the inevitable or accept that they are more to each other than just two ships passing in the night.| This was slow-paced, but I liked it. 


Autumn/Winter | panic_smile | Ryan/Brendon | Brendon’s completing his senior year of high school, trying to make it past the first anniversary of his sister’s death and one day become a hairdresser. Ryan’s a boy at the park with stunning eyes and hyperactive dog that walks into Brendon’s life without realising. It’s a story about love and moving on. | This is seriously so great; definitely one of my favourites. It’s really realistic and believable and so cute and I’ve reread it which is saying a lot, okay. I really enjoy the author’s other fics, too. (I didn’t list all of them, though, because that would be repetitive.) So, read her other fics, too!


The Impossible is Possible| peopleexisting | Ryan/Brendon + Jon/Spencer | AU. Brendon switches high schools to get away from the pressures of bullying, but he finds that his new school isn’t all that better. Not to mention that he’s soon thrown into the turbulent world of a violent, disturbed boy, named Ryan Ross. | Epitome of high school!Aus. If you haven’t read this… GOD DAMN IT, WHAT ARE YOU DOING WITH YOUR LIFE? It made me smile and cry and SQUEE and I didn’t want it to end! Ah! Also, I read this two years ago-ish and it was riddled with grammatical errors, but I reread it again, a few months ago, and the errors were gone. I am unsure if I imagined this. Anyway. One of my favourites, for sure.


Abomination | repulsive_x | Ryan/Brendon + Jon/Spencer | Brendon develops a little crush on the pastor’s son.  | This reminded me of The Impossible is Possible, even though they are totally different. I am not sure why. If I were in a really fluffyohmygodRydensmut!mood, I could see myself enjoying this fic a lot more. Since I wasn’t, I don’t think it was appreciated as much as it should have been. However, I thoroughly enjoyed Brendon’s mother and it’s worth the read, even though it takes awhile to get used to the narration/ignore the grammatical mistakes.


A Wave You Glide On
| scoradh | Ryan/Brendon + Jon/Spencer + Pete/Patrick | [No summary.] Brendon gets Ryan to date him in order to make his ex-girlfriend jealous. | When I first started reading this, I thought, Great. Another story with a 2D asshole character. Little did I know, Brendon was an asshole, but not a two dimensional one. Like, he was an enjoyable character with dept. The pace of the story was very good, as well as the character development. I loved the characters’ personalities and the way they interacted together. I just really enjoyed it.

Are You There, God? It’s Me, Brendon | scoradh | Ryan/Brendon | (No summary; it’s me again.) Boarding school!AU in which Brendon struggles with religion and his sexuality and gets mixed up with Ryan! | I loved this. I am a huge sucker for high school/boarding school AUs. I loved the way the characters interacted with each other. There were so many, but it wasn’t confusing (the way it is with most fics with a ton of characters) and they all played a part and I wanted to hang out with them andandand it’s great.


Just One of the Girls| skoosiepants | Ryan/Brendon | “Spence, I’m. Look, I’m going to prove this girl-thing to you, okay? I’m going to,” he held up his hands, “this is so brilliant, I’m going to become a girl.” | I simply adored this one, okay. I loved the character interactions and seriously wanted to hang out with them [the characters], okayfdkfjdf. Again—I’m a huge sucker for high school!AUs.


Underground Earthquakes | stele3 | Ryan/Spencer| There’s so summary for this, so, I will make up my own: High school AU. Kind of kinky. Drama. Angst. | This is not my kind of thing at all. It’s Spyan, for goodness’ sake. Yet, I could not stop reading.


You’re My Wonderwall | taptapyourtoes| Ryan/Brendon | He’d puke until his back, shoulders and stomach were burning.  He’d throw up until he couldn’t breathe, sobbing uncontrollably as he knelt down in front of the toilet, hands palm flat against the dirty church floor. | SO MANY MIXED FEELINGS ABOUT THIS FIC. So, I started off skeptical, because the title is really cliché, and the whole bullying thing is usually way overdone, right? But then I started getting really into it, ‘cause it’s kind of really cute, right? I was really starting to like it! But then, things get weird, ‘cause Brendon is eighteen and he’s starting his senior year of high school. And then William Beckett is introduced and that is just a mess, because WILLIAM YOU DO NOT BELONG IN THIS STORY, OKAY. And then, like, the “bad guy” (I don’t want to give anything away) NEVER gets arrested and is totally, all of a sudden, forgotten (along with the whole goddamn plot), and then Brendon and Ryan finish high school and live a fulfilling life of serving smoothies with Pete Wentz?!?!?!?!111@(#$@*# Since the fic was never finished anyway, read it and DON’T read past the part in which Brendon and Ryan start their senior year. ‘cause it’s so cute and awesome and actually has a plot up until then. Thank you and good day. 


Walk in the Sun | two-waymirror | Ryan/Brendon + Jon/Spencer + Pete/Patrick | Girls just want to have fun AU. Brendon had always danced. Even when he was really little, he’d steal his older sisters’ dress-up skirts and twirl and twirl in them until he was sick and had to collapse to catch his breath, and then he’d do it again. | This was A+. Just imagining Ryan and Brendon dancing… Oh, god.

Trans!Fic à

Document | azurejay | Patrick/Pete + Patrick/Anna | In this story, Patrick was assigned female sex and gender at birth, but chose to transition to male at adolescence. | I read this ages ago and can’t remember a lot. I do remember liking it, though, because it was realistic. Read!


Such a Beautiful Boy | Jamie_dear | Ryan/Brendon | Regina just wants to be the son her father has always wanted to have. | I seriously wish there were more trans!fics. This one if perf.


The Little Things You Give Away | meiloslyther | Ryan/Brendon | Ryan intrigues Brendon, and Brendon is curious (and probably too insightful for his own good). Transsexual!Ryan | yES.


The Stage is Set | therecordskipsx | Ryan/Brendon + Brendon/Shane | He met her on a Tuesday. Just an ordinary Tuesday, like any other day of the week, really, except that it wasn’t at all. | This made my fangirl heart weep. But it was really well-written, even though some parts were a bit confusing.

Horror/Sci-Fi à

The Persistence of Memory | clarityhiding | Ryan/Brendon | “People forget me if I don’t talk to them,” Brendon tells him, leaning against a wall while he watches the clerk alphabetize the rhythm and blues. AU. | This isn’t terribly Ryden-y, but I liked it because it was so unintentionally creepy—the story actually bothered me, because if what happened to Brendon ever happened to me, I would freak the fuck out. There’s a good message, at the end. Yeah.


Questionable Moral Authority | formerlydf | Ryan/Brendon, Pete/Patrick, implied Jon/Spencer  | Futuristic scientists!AU. Spencer and Ryan looked at each other for a moment, and Ryan nodded. (It’s always Ryan’s call; everything about the project has to go through Ryan first because at this point, Ryan basically is the project. His entire life has been leading up to this, he thinks. This is his life.)| This was quite good. The ending was sad, though, but it really added to the story.


NEW! Fragile Things | holycloud | Jon/Spencer, Ryan/Brendon, Pete/Patrick | Superheroes!AU. In order to create a superior force to fight back the high level of crime, the government kidnaps a group of orphaned children in order to manipulate their genes and create superhumans. As the kids grow up together in laboratories, isolated from the rest of society, the bonds between them become strong but also complex. | IMO, I didn’t really like the characters in this. I especially didn’t like Jon and Spencer’s relationship. Eh. I loved that Brendon was ashamed of his body and that Ryan loved him anyway. Aw.

It’s Always Cloudy (Except For When You Look Into the Past)| iamtheenemy | Ryan/Brendon | His hand, not the one he was writing with, but the left one holding the journal, seemed to…flicker. First it was there, gripping the paper so hard his knuckles were white, and then it…wasn’t.| This was really, really cute. Ryan goes into THE FUTURE.


NEW! I Fell in Love with a Dead Boy | principessahope | Ryan/Brendon | The strangest things happen on Halloween night. | This was so funny. Yet mildly disappointing, in terms of ending and romance.

A Dark and Rainy Night
| starflowers | Ryan/Brendon |
An isolated video shoot turns deadly when a series of seeming coincidences conspire to trap the boys of Panic! at the Disco in a mountain valley with a psycho killer on the loose… And Brendon can’t seem to stop staring dreamily at Ryan long enough to focus on the danger! | This. Was. Awesome. Classic horror movie feel + Panic! At the Disco = perfect.


Cradle of Civilization| [unknown] | Ryan/Brendon | When an ancient device that has been buried under the sands of Egypt for thousands of years is uncovered, it brings with it more questions than answers, and for decades it remains a mystery until an extraordinary young man is brought in to solve what no one else has been able to. What is revealed is a gate between worlds, and a small group ventures through into the unknown where they are tossed headfirst into a struggle as old as the device itself. Through war and death and oppression and vast desert sands, maybe they will learn that some mysteries are better left as that. But there is also the chance, for one, to finally learn of the one thing that will make it all worth it. | Brendon is called Baraka and it’s kind of weird, but once you get over that, it’s pretty cute. Sci-fi (or Stargate, for that matter) isn’t my thing, but give me something that ISN’T about Ryan’s alcoholic, abusive father and Brendon’s struggle with Mormonism (and doesn’t include the line, “YOU’RE NOT YOUR FATHER, RYAN!!!!!!!!!11!!1!!213213123”) that’s well written, and I’ll read it and love it. So yeah, this is well-written and interesting and you should read it


The End is Only the Beginning| unphoenix | This is an AU based on the movie The Butterfly Effect, except using the band boys instead.  Ryan has had blackouts of some of the more disturbing parts of his life since he was a child, and in college, he figures out a way to go back and change them. | Butterfly Effect AU. ‘Nuf said.


Made of Silver, Not of Clay| unphoenix | Brendon/Ryan + Pete/Mikey | Brendon wakes up to a world devoid of people.  At least, most people. | I actually dreamt about this fic. Take that as a good thing. Also, its follow-ups are listed below.


NEW! This is Halloween  | unphoenix | Ryan/Brendon | Brendon turns into a four-year-old just before Halloween. | Okay. (I had no idea what genre this is, so I’ll just tuck it next to the rest of this author’s fics. ;) )


28:06:42:12 | venimeux_baiser | Ryan/Brendon | Donnie Darko AU. | So, this was kind of a huge disappoint, but it’s a Donnie Darko AU! So, whatever. I guess. Meh.


Dark!fic/Angsty!Fic à

Bright Copper Non-Sunsets | diet_absinthe | Ryan/Brendon | Hi, I’m Ryan Ross. You have a name that starts with a B and that’s all I know about you. I stare across a room of feebly drunk people and I see you with cocaine in my eyes in my lips on my ears in my brain and I think, BBBBBBBBB.| One of the fist fanfictions I ever read and one of my favourites. It gave me false hopes about Panic! Fanfiction, TBH. Anyway, this is just beautiful and made my heart clench: the writing is so unique and raw in a way that will either be loved or hated. (Evidently, I loved it.)


Those Who Tell the Truth… | longtime_lurker | Brendon gen | GAY!BDEN ANGSTY ANGST.” You are warned accordingly! | It’s been a while since I read this one, but I remember liking it a lot: it’s really all about Brendon and his struggle with his ~geyness.


NEW! The Epitaph of Brendon Boyd Urie | mad_as_writers | Ryan/Brendon | Epitaph – (ep-i-taph) noun, an inscription on a gravestone or a short poem written in memory of a deceased person. | This was an awesome idea. I also found this kind of confusing, but that could just be because I read this whilst half-asleep.


Drowning Lessons| Mellissaphobia | Ryan/Brendon | (No summary.) Brendon’s washed-up and married, and ends up hooking up with Ryan. Angst. Drama. Angst. Did I mention angst? | Again, I have a thing for pretentious and angst-y stuff. This is the epitome of that. Also, it’s really, really kinky.


NEW! Evil Thoughts | morbid_rae | Ryan/Brendon | Ryan visits a bridge in the middle of the night, planning to leave the world for good… | This was very angst-y, yet at the same time, not overdone… Surprisingly, I liked it.


Raw | myheartradio | Ryan/Brendon + Jon/Spencer | Ryan Ross is legend. His smiles are poison to any respectable reputation. Ryan Ross is a secret just waiting to be whispered. Brendon Urie is I. When Ryan Ross smiles at him, he’s thrown into a dark world full of drugs and secrets. | This is the most fucked up Panic! Fic I’ve ever read. I mean, there are some pretty fucked up ones, but usually, I don’t picture the boys in them. In this, it was BrendonRyanSpencerJon actually going through the really messed up things in this story. If you’re in a dark, cult!fic kind of mood, read this.


Boston| poisontrees | Ryan/Brendon | The day I found my sister in the bathtub dead was the day I met Ryan Ross. | I really want to reread this so that I can come up with a better comment, bleh. I remember being enthralled by this, and finding it wonderfully messy and twisted and dark and unconventional.


Cardboard| skycities | Ryan/Brendon | The thing about the world – it’s always moving. Spinning, twisting at breakneck speed and leaving him behind, always, and it’s just so confusing. So Brendon seals his eyes shut to avoid the motion sickness. | Angstangstangst. Seriously, my guilty pleasure.


The Universe in Blue | streetstars | Jon/Spencer + Ryan/Brendon |Future fic by a couple of years/post band: “You walk out of your hotel room and down the hall. Five doors down and you knock. One. Two. Three. The door opens and he smiles at you, bright eyed with blue and your lips crash with his like an accident. It’s all teeth and smiles and air and his tongue in your mouth and your tongue in his like it was holding the weight of your heart. “Stop me if you’ve heard this one.” He says, “Stop me right away.” | This has some really great lines. It’s quite nice and worth a read, even though it crushes my Ryden!fangirl heart.


Kid!fic à

One-Night Stand Forever | anditscourtney | Ryan/Brendon| (No summary) Ryan is impregnated by the biggest asshole in Vegas. | This is like a train wreck. You just can’t look away, for some messed up reason. I hated the characters in this—Ryan never stands up for himself and Brendon is the biggest asshole, EVER. I think I kept reading because, finally, Ryan isn’t portrayed as a pretentious, dark, misunderstood, likeable asshole, and Brendon isn’t portrayed as a spazzy, innocent, less interesting Mormon. The ending is satisfying, though—it’s the only reason this fic is on this list. Also, the title is clever. (This wasn’t supposed to be so negative, haaaaaaa.)


Spilled Ink | arctic_grey | Jon/Spencer + Ryan/Brendon | Two relationships on the doorstep of something new, one tattoo shop, one mistake, one bundle of cells (Spencer refuses to call it a baby), and four men trying to come to terms with change. | Not my “thing” in the slightest: mpreg, Joncer… but once you start reading, you kind of can’t stop.

  • Colour Outside the Lines | arctic_grey | Ryan/Brendon + Jon/Spencer | Ryan finds out that his husband of three years is pregnant and tries not to freak out. Meanwhile Brendon is excited about their baby, Jon is trying to give advice, and Spencer is questioning the accuracy of Jon’s continuous herd metaphors.


All We Have | complyordie | Ryan/Brendon | Seventeen years into the future, things have changed. It’s time to find out where you come from, where you belong, and where you’re going. Fairly AU, but not mpreg. | EEEEEEEE!!! It’s about Ryan and Brendon’s son! It’s so different from other kid!fics, because the son is 17 and he’s insecure about his gey daddies and it’s kind of ~coming of age~ and it’s fab, okay. I’ve reread it—meaning that it’s super good. I wish there were more fics like it.


An Accident or an Incident? | danimpa | Ryan/Brendon | If you have a serious problem with the opposite gender you probably shouldn’t go see a creepy fortuneteller. | I actually really loved this. Yay for kid!fics that technically aren’t mpreg! And yay for genderswaps!


Pink Glitter | ivesia19 | Ryan/Brendon | When Ryan’s father can’t make it to his daughter’s Parent’s Job Fair Day, Ryan, a struggling writer, fills in for him, only to find himself attracted to his sister’s kindergarten teacher. | Cute. That is all.

·   Purple Nail Polish | ivesia19 | Ryan/Brendon | One negative thing about dating a kindergarten teacher, other than that whole keeping it a secret thing because of potential parental freak outs, was that Ryan was constantly finding himself volunteering for different classroom activities. | Also cute. That is all.


Just This Once, Be My Savior | inlipstick | Ryan/Brendon + Jon/Spencer + Pete/Patrick | In which Ryan has a daughter, Brendon has a nephew and somehow, they manage to fall in love. | I also read this years ago, and can’t remember whether I liked it or not. But, hey, kid!fic, right?


Don’t Put All Your Eggs in One Basket | jekyll_my_hyde | Ryan/Brendon | Nice…egg, Brendon.” “Actually, Spencer, it’s my child.” He gives Ryan an endearing look. “Our child, to be more correct.” | This was cute. I wanted more! (Yes, this counts as a kid!fic, DO YOU HAVE A PROBLEM WITH THAT?)


NEW! A Lover or a Friend, a Big Thing or a Small  | knownrendezvous | Brendon/Ryan, Brendon/Jon, Ryan/Tom, Pete/Ashlee | Brendon Urie, famous solo artist, is finally working on his second album, but it’s coming along a little slower than he’d hope. He can’t help it—he has a son to take care of, someone who he puts in front of everything. When Pete, his boss, gets restless and demands he starts working on the album, he brings Brendon a lyricist to help him get it finished. As the work progresses, their friendship progresses—but what happens when feelings do the same? What’s Brendon supposed to do when Ryan’s off limits in more ways than one? And what about Brendon’s own relationship with Jon? There’s only so much temptation that can be held in. | Don’t let the side pairings scare you away! There’s still Ryden-y goodness. I wish there had been more interaction between Brendon’s son and the other characters—without those interactions/conflict, he seemed like an irrelevant character. But I still enjoyed this because the ending made up for it.


But It’s Better If You Do | ohnoxkilled | Ryan/Brendon | Brendon Urie lives in Chicago with his teenage daughter Reagan. He divorced Reagan’s mother, Lizzie, two years ago because of her refusal to seek help for her alcohol abuse. One day while cleaning the attic, Reagan Urie discovers an old photo album that puts questions in her head that her father never wanted to have to answer. | It’s been years since I read this, so I really can’t remember much. The summary sounds promising. I’ll probably reread it, soon.

Crayons, Ketchup, and a Lap Dance Tester | sateenmusta | Ryan/ Brendon | "Hey Mister, what does it say on your shirt?" A small voice asks from somewhere around Brendon’s thigh, and he looks down to meet a pair of serious brown eyes. | Coot.


Chutes and Ladders | silver_etoile | Ryan/Brendon | Brendon has an adventure in babysitting, although he should probably pay more attention to the kid than her older brother. | Okay.


I Want to Hear the Same Song Twice | spazzyskittles | Ryan/Brendon | Brendon DJs at a gay club, Spencer tends bar, Jon has the best job title ever, and Ryan is… complicated. | I read this a long time ago, and thus do not remember much. I like this author, though, so I trust that it was good.


About Space Unicorns and Chocolate Pudding | _sofiej_ | Ryan/Brendon | Luke’s daddy was the coolest person on earth. He always played games with him and he could build the most awesome space camps. | Overly domestic kid!fics make me cringe a little, but this was pretty cute.


Something Real | _sofiej_ | Ryan/Brendon | Ryan is a hard working single father of the four-year-old Jamie. | Another kid!fic that I read years ago and can’t remember. I CAN FEEL YOU JUDGING ME


Layla | sowrongitsbec | Ryan/Brendon | 8 Part series of standalones based on Brendon and Ryan’s relationship and their daughter, Layla. Each part has its own summary. | This was really cute and all, but it’s so funny because, like, NO ONE cares about Layla’s little brother. Layla has, like, important moments with Ryan and Brendon and then her little brother is just like, Hay. I shouldn’t find this funny. I shouldn’t let this take away from the plot. And now I’ve ruined it for everyone. (I actually did like this fic, though. Really!)


In Our Family Portrait… | sympathynotlove | Ryan/Brendon | Blaire’s story of growing up with Ryan and Brendon as her fathers, and their family album. | There need to be more fics, like this. Not even guilty.

Physical Disabilities à

Tactile| clear_static13 | Ryan/Brendon | Sometimes you need noise, and sometimes it’s not an option. | Deaf!fic. It’s cute.


Twinkle Fingers | clear_static13 | Ryan/Brendon | [No summary] Brendon is Ryan’s sister’s piano teacher. Incidentally, he is deaf and Ryan has a tiny crush on him. | Eh, s’alright. Eh.


The Florist | flash_indie | Brendon/Ryan | (No summary, so, once again, making up my own.) Ryan is a deaf florist and Brendon tries to woo him. | This is such a beautiful fic.


NEW! Colors | hellodelicious | Ryan/Brendon | Ryan becomes blind in a freak accident. Brendon’s always there for him. | I liked the whole “seeing in colors,” idea.


Souls Like The Wheels | ivesia19 | Ryan/Brendon | Amnesia fic! When Brendon loses his memory, Ryan clings to what’s left of him. | Oh, this is heartbreaking. Very well written, though.


Guernica| sateenmusta | Ryan/Brendon | Ryan is a stuck-up artist who lives by his routines and never steps out of his familiar patterns. Then as he gets to know Brendon who doesn’t give a shit about rules or routines, or well, anything, it’s a collision of two worlds. Surprisingly, an odd friendship springs up from their acquaintance, but then the shadows of the past begin to unveil and soon they find themselves in a huge mess, one that neither of them is going to walk out of unharmed… | This was so, so beautiful. I can’t believe I just read it a month ago; I should have read it sooner. I want to mention something, but it is a huge spoiler. Said thing is revealed at the end of chapter one. Just know that it caught me totally off guard. But yeah, this fic is lovely and has mystery and is full of twists and the ending is heartbreaking in a wonderful way. For sure a new favourite.


Freaks| spazzyskittles | Ryan/Brendon + Jon/Spencer | An accident lands Ryan in the hospital, and he meets Jon, who tells him of a mysterious patient on their floor. There’s something not quite right about him, but then again, there’s something not quite right about Ryan as well. | This was very cute and the plot was fantastic. Do read!


Mouth to Mouth | selectivelyurie | Ryan/Brendon | When Brendon wakes up he can’t say anything…because they only thing he can say is ‘Ryan’.| So, this was… interesting.

If Your Heart Speaks to Me | wthrudoinghere | Ryan/Brendon | Mute!Brendon | This was short and sweet and wonderful.


Mental Disabilities à

86, 400 Chances | druscilla_way | Ryan/Brendon | Ryan has Asperger’s Syndrome and is obsessed with time. Brendon loves him and goes with the flow. With 86,400 seconds in a day there are 86,400 chances to break it or keep it all together. | Why aren’t there more fics like this?! I wish this had been longer, TBH.


If I Never Knew You| heartsdesire456 | Ryan/Brendon | When Ryan Ross is sent to live with his aunt after his mom gets fed up with his behavior, he was pissed. He never expected to meet a boy who was so different that he could change Ryan’s life forever. | For some reason, I’ve read this four times. I really liked it and wish there were more fics like it. Except Brendon was characterized as really childish which made it kind of creepy, but whatevawhateva.


Shattered Pieces | hopenight | Pete/Patrick + Brendon/Ryan | Pete Wentz has recently been admitted to Mornington Sanitarium after a suicide attempt (or going to Best Buy as he likes to call it). Apathetic to the world around him, Pete doesn’t know what to make of this new situation. He just knows that he has to be here in order to combat the dark emotional fog that surrounds him. He needs to find a way to be himself again, but first he has to feel. The world that Pete is suddenly in is filled with patients who think they’re vampires or angels, who haven’t talked in years and have survived horrors, who like setting things on fire and public nudity. In addition to the patients, there’s the crazier staff especially orderly Brendon, who has a crush on the oblivious Doctor Ryan Ross. And then there is Patrick, Pete’s roommate and Mornington’s longest residing patient. Pete cannot help but be intrigued by Patrick, who has suffered a trauma that led to him having Dissociative Identity Disorder. So Pete and Patrick have to navigate Patrick’s alters and Pete’s depression and the general insanity of living at Mornington as they stumbled from friendship into best friendship into not love but very deep like for sure. | I wish I could remember more of this, as it’s been awhile since I read it. I believe I liked it a lot, though.


Did You Think That You Were Dreaming? | panic_smile | Ryan/Brendon | Highschool/ Mental Institution AU. Meet 17 year old Brendon, sent to an institution and new school after he snapped. On his bent road to recovery, he meets three boys on the way, Jon Walker, William Beckett, and Ryan Ross, each facing their own problems and issues, and then there’s the odd and intriguing Lauren. Brendon has to learn that accepting and overcoming the past is his only way to be free of the institution, and the only one that can teach him that is the one and only Ryan Ross. | Uhg, angsty and pretentious fics own my heart. The fact that it’s a high school AU AND a mental institution AU is just icing on the cake. The author also rocks.


To Each His Own| ryspoon | Ryan/Brendon | (No summary.) Based on Girl, Interrupted, To Each His Own tells the story of  Brendon, Ryan, others (Fall Out Boy) and their struggle with mental illness. | This is great because, a) It’s based on Girl, Interrupted! and b) It introduced me to one of my favourite records, Sam’s Town by The Killers.


There Will Be | sateenmusta | Ryan/Brendon | Brendon walks around the graveyard, reading names from the stones - some of them old and crumbled, the names barely readable; some new and sharp-edged, the gilded names standing out from the grey surface. He finally arrives to the spot he always sits on, his favorite spot just under a magnificent maple tree where he can sit and see the two gravestones he’s come to see. Just like he does every day. | This was really interesting. It leaves you feeling kind of strange, afterwards, because you really know nothing about Ryan and Brendon. Which is what the author probably wanted. It’s just a wonderfully odd fic; I didn’t know where to categorize it as, on here.


Mad as a Hatter| streetstars + radjess | Ryan/Brendon | AU. “The city is just a bunch of fucked up people doing fucked up things. I’d like to paint it black.” | Whether I like it or not, I tend to lean toward really angst-y/pretentious fics. This is that, in the best way possible.


Castles in the Sky | truthismusic | Ryan/Brendon + Jon/Spencer | To say he is crazy is an insult. To say he is sick is an even bigger one. Brendon has to cope with the people around him and the way his family acts towards him after he ended up in the psychiatric ward. While maintaining a complicated relationship with the place’s resident pyromaniac: Ryan Ross. | I can’t decide if I liked the writing style or not, alsskfd. No matter what, though, if you write a mental institution AU, I will like it.


Stutter Something Profound| xmychemx |Ryan/Brendon | Ryan has a… Problem. | I need to reread some of these fics so that I can come up with better comments. So, I also have a thing for mental disorder!fics, and this one wasn’t overdone or patronizing. Meaning that it was good. The ending made me sad, though.

Only After Disaster | 1001cranes | Ryan Ross/Spencer Smith + Ryan Ross/Brendon Urie + Ryan Ross/Pete Wentz | It kind of surprises Ryan it takes this long for him to connect the dots. He supposes he should just count himself lucky that he sleeps with Pete Wentz and writes music and he didn’t try to incite anarchy or kill people or whatever. | This wasn’t initially on The List. It just kept popping up and I couldn’t get it out of my head, and I decided that I actually really like it. Guh, it’s late. I can’t form sentences. Anyway, basically, I was discriminating against it due to its lack of complete Ryden-ness. It’s good, really. Do read.

Crime!fic à

Love is Spelt like Impossible | fabledfaith + plunginxbaby | Ryan/Brendon | So, we’ve got a poor boy who’s hot headed, stubborn and proud, on the streets living off of anything he can manage to find, and a slutty though kind and charmin’ young lad who’s rich off his ass and is the heir to the biggest mafia in Nevada. The two meet. Reaction caused by a reaction caused by a reaction. A resulting chain of events. What will happen? | THIS. IS. EPIC. I cried when I found out it wasn’t finished, okay. The way the author’s divided the writing is also adorable, for some reason: I guess it just seems old-school. Anyway. This is such a fun fic and worth the read, even though it will leave you heart-broken due to its unfinishedness.  


Spies Like Us | ficsoreal | Ryan/Brendon + Jon/Spencer + Pete/Patrick | The movies never show what comes after “Mission Accomplished”. There’s a good reason for that. | ‘twas good.


Multitude of Casualties | floorplanhobo + grapefruits | Brendon/Ryan + Jon/Spencer + Brendon/Dallon + Ryan/Greenwald | Stubborn journalist Ryan Ross is trying to figure out what the hell Brendon Urie is hiding. Because Ryan isn’t fooled by the innocent smile and snarky comments. Brendon has a dirty little secret, and Ryan needs to find out what it is. Problem is, that secret might end up killing him.| Not gonna lie, I have been waiting so long for a fic like this. It was fantastic. I was so hooked; I couldn’t stop reading. There are some fics I read for the cuteness, and others I read simply for the plot—I read this due to the latter reason. Crime!fics are always so good! Admittedly, the threesome scene was hot. That’s coming from someone who hates Brallon.


If It Kills Me | foxxcub | Jon/Spencer |   Spencer Smith knows there must be a catch when Jon Walker − his despised FBI partner − offers to transfer out of Chicago and far, far away from him. There’s a catch, all right: Spencer has to spend one sexy night with the untamed playboy. Okay, so the guy’s hot. So his reputation in the bedroom is the stuff of legend. So Spencer’s been in a dry spell for, oh, over a year. So maybe one night to be rid of him isn’t so unbearable. But once the sheets have cooled, Spencer’s just starting to heat up, and moving away is the last thing on Jon’s mind…| Oh, the wonderful romantic tension! I wish there were mission ‘n’ stuff in this, though.

  • Let’s Go, Don’t Wait | foxxcub | Ryan/Brendon + Jon/Spencer | It’s like a really cheesy horror movie, only no one is going to hack Brendon to pieces with a chainsaw. But being locked in an office building during a storm with his boss who happens to hate him might be just as bad. | I love that you get to see what happens to Jon/Spencer.


Crime and Passion | lady-deathangel | Ryan/Brendon | (No summary, me again.) After getting dragged into a world of diamonds and guns and dead friends, Brendon gets placed into witness protection program, assigned to one Ryan Ross. Will Ryan be able to keep Brendon safe, even though a notorious gang is after him? | Praise Allah for this fic, oh my goodness. I read, like, ten other fics (all of them simply terrible) before reading this one, which restored my faith! Brandon Flowers and Tyson Ritter and Nick Wheeler are in this! Yay! This is such a fun story + there are a lot of plot twists.


Children of Wrath | midnatstimen | Ryan/Brendon | The one where Ryan is dead and Brendon is charged. | Oh goodness, I need to reread this. I remember finding this so twisted and awesome. Even though the protagonist is an original character (which usually bugs me), it worked so well for this. Read, read, read, because crime fics!


My Beta Made Me Change the Name of This Fic So It Wouldn’t Suck | never_walk | Ryan/Brendon,  Pete/Patrick, Jon/Spencer, Butcher/Siska, & Frank/Gerard | Ryan Ross is a secret agent who has been sent to retrieve Dr. Patrick Stump and his mysterious invention from the clutches of Pete Wentz, head of the terrorist group, Fall Out Boy. | Finally! A fic where the Cobras aren’t all that evil! This fic was ridiculous in an awesome way.


NEW! Take Your Thoughts Elsewhere  | preromantics | AU (very very loosely based on the italian job) Ryan refuses to even consider the baby-faced boy in his living room. “No, Spence,” he says, firm. | I can’t remember much about this, other than the fact that it’s EXACTLY like that one other fic. I am terrible at reviews, ohmygod.


Nightingale (And Not the Lark) | redorchids | Pete/Patrick + Ryan/Brendon + Jon/Spencer | CSI AU. Ryan Ross’s CSI team joins up with Detective Pete Wentz to investigate a string of unusual murders. | Even though it may not seem like it, due to its genre, this is a really beautiful fic. The murder case was unique; the relationships between the characters were consistent and believable; the ending was left very open (perhaps too open for my liking), but if you look back and remember the really, really, really small details mentioned previously, it all makes sense. Bravo, to the author!

  • A Nightingale Sang in Berkeley Square | redorchids | Brendon Urie/Ryan Ross (Ryan/Spencer, Brendon/Shane, Jon/Spencer, Pete/Patrick) | CSI AU. Brendon Urie has had a hopeless crush on Ryan Ross since the mortifying moment when he introduced himself at a national forensic conference by tripping in the aisle next to where Ryan was sitting and getting coffee all over his shirt, so when Ryan offers him a job at the Las Vegas lab, Brendon jumps at the opportunity. When he arrives in Vegas, however, things are a bit more complicated than he’d hoped. | I wish there was crime-solvin’ in this one! I love this ‘verse, the characters, everything, though, so it’s cool.


The Spy Who (Kind of, Sort of, Maybe) Loved Me| spazzyskittles | Ryan/Brendon | Spy AU. A murder has occurred at the headquarters of FBR420, a top secret branch of the CIA. Agent Urie and his partner Agent Smith, under the guidance of Mr. Walker, are charged with bringing in the primary suspect, Ryan Ross. | THIS FUCKING FIC, OH MY GOD. IT HAS EVERYONE IN IT AND IT’S PERFECT. THE AGENCY IS CALLED FBR420. FBR420! I WAS SQUEEING SO HARD AND THINKING IN CAPSLOCK, OKAY. This was like a real spy!movie, with plot twists and villains and everything. The end. Also, it has an equally—if not more—awesome sequel.

  • A View to Save| spazzyskittles | Ryan/Brendon + Jon/Spencer + Greta/Greenwald | Spy AU. Brendon, Ryan, and Spencer have spent over a year out of the field, handling their own promising FBR420 agents. Life should be great, and in most aspects, it is. But, one day, a kidnapping occurs, and Ryan is convinced he’s responsible. | I cannot even fathom the awesomeness that is this ‘verse. The end okay bye.


Color of Insanity | silver_etoile | Ryan/Brendon + Jon/Spencer | Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but it turns out boys want them too. In order to save themselves from a fate worse than jail, Ryan, Spencer, and Jon must steal one of the most prized jewels in history. But it looks as though they’ll need a fourth to pull it off. | The ending was a tad disappointing, but I loved the characters in this. COBRA STARSHIP ARE ALWAYS THE VILLAINS IN THESE THINGS.


Love is a Battlefield | silver_etoile | Ryan/Brendon + Jon/Spencer | AU. It was 1944 and the war had been raging for a good three years, even more for the European countries. Millions of people had died. Thousands of people had already passed through the sterile white walls of his tent, passed through the blinding white sheets of the cots that stood in rows like mini-coffins, just a tour-stop on the way to death. Dr. Walker’s only hope is that he’ll never see a white gauze bandage ever again. | So, I really, really liked this. The Ryan/Brendon sex scene was very hot. I wish there were more war!fics.


You’re So Naive | whverna_black | Ryan/Brendon | Ryan’s in a young offenders’ and Brendon’s the only person that can help him. | This isn’t finished, but I am using it to send out an open, pointless complaint: there need to be more good prison fics in the Panic! community. Okay? Okay.


Agent Provocateur | zarah5 | Ryan/Brendon + Jon/Spencer | "I just flipped Spencer," Brendon announces. / "Yeah?" Ryan doesn’t sound particularly surprised, but he closes his laptop and turns his head. "Good for you." | Spy!AU, amnesia!AU, and super-power!AU all in one. Wowie. 

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